Does Black Hills Urgent Care offer COVID-19 testing?
Yes, we offer testing at each of our (4) convenient locations:
  • 741 Mountain View Rd. Rapid City, South Dakota
  • 1730 Haines Ave. Rapid City, South Dakota
  • 120 E Michigan St. Spearfish, SD
  • 2201 S Douglas Hwy. Gillette, Wyoming
Which COVID-19 test can I, or should I, get?
We recommend that all individuals receive the rapid, PCR test. It is highly accurate, the test is completed in-house, and the test can provide same day results. Our team of trained professionals are able to rest persons of ALL ages.
Does Black Hills Urgent Care offer the "rapid" COVID tests?
Yes, we offer the rapid test that is PCR, highly accurate and done in-house with same day results. We no longer send out any COVID testing. This is a combination that also tests for Influenza A and B.
Each of the clinics below offer the the rapid, PCR test:
  • 741 Mountain View Rd. Rapid City, South Dakota
  • 120 E Michigan St. Spearfish, SD
  • 2201 S Douglas Hwy. Gillette, Wyoming
Do I need to wait a certain period of time before I am tested?
If you have symptoms, you can be tested any time. If you do not have symptoms, but have been exposed to someone with Coronavirus, then you must wait 3-5 days from the date of exposure prior to being tested.
Do I need to make an appointment to be tested?
No,you must come to the Mt View Clinic in person. Please check in with registration staff for instructions. Guests seeking treatment in Gillette and Spearfish, please register online or call the clinic for instructions.  We do NOT accept outside physician orders for testing. Please remember to wear your mask and please maintain 6 ft distancing while waiting in line. **Guests being seen in the Gillette or Spearfish clinic, please register online or call clinic for instructions.
If I don't have insurance, can I still be tested and what will it cost?
Yes, if you are uninsured you can still be tested. The office of Health and Human Services (HHS) has established a program to assist with payment of COVID-19 testing. You must provide your Social Security number, or Driver’s License number at check in and a claim can be submitted on your behalf. Coverage is not guaranteed, if other insurance is found by the third party administrator, your claim will be denied and you will receive a statement for $300.00 ($150.00 office visit + $150.00 test fee).
I need a rapid COVID-19 test to travel, can I be tested at BHUC?
Yes, we provide testing at all of our BHUC locations. You must choose either the rapid test or the send-out PCR test. The travel test is only $199.00 per person, no office visit is required, and insurance will not be billed.
Which COVID test do I need for travel?


We do not know.  You must determine which test (rapid or PCR) is required for your specific travel needs. We will perform the test that you request, but we (BHUC) are not responsible for determining which test you need for travel.