Physician Ownership

Black Hills Urgent Care is affiliated with Black Hills Surgical Hospital, LLP which is partially owned by physicians and meets the federal definition of a physician owned hospital. All physicians having any ownership are as follows:

  • Angela K. Anderson, MD
  • Trevor Anderson, MD
  • Mark Ballard, MD
  • Tyler T. Bergstrom, MD
  • Gail Bernard, MD
  • Marcia Beshara, MD
  • Margaret Chilvers, MD
  • Christopher Dietrich, MD
  • Clark Duchene, MD
  • Aaron Dykstra, MD
  • Christian Gaffney, MD
  • Steven Giuseffi, MD
  • Michael Kadrmas, MD
  • Dave Lang, MD
  • Rebecca Linquist, MD
  • Jeff Marrs, MD
  • Emmett McEleney, MD
  • Samuel L. Mortimer, MD
  • Lew Papendick, MD
  • Kent Renaud, DPM
  • Jennifer Ryder, DPM
  • Jack Robert Schleiffarth, MD
  • Pamela Schmagel, MD
  • Mary Snyder, MD
  • Kristin Wempe, MD
  • Robert Woodruff, MD