Immunizations & Vaccinations

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Immunizations & Vaccinations

Immunizations, or vaccinations, are designed to prevent the onset of a disease or illness. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to prevent a disease rather than treat it.

When you receive an immunization you are essentially injected with a weakened form of a disease or virus. This in turn, triggers your immune response and produce antibodies which will help you fight off the virus if it comes your way. While vaccines may not completely protect you from catching the disease or virus, it will reduce the severity.

Why Should You Get Immunized?

Immunizations protect us as well as prevent the spread of disease and illness to others—that’s why medical providers push you get a flu shot every season. Some vaccines are only given once while others require updates, or “boosters”, for continued protection against disease.

It is also important to keep your child’s immunizations up to date, however if your child misses a scheduled dose he/she can catch up later. A complete schedule of immunizations for children ages 0-18 can be downloaded from the CDC website.