Physical Exams

Physical exams for school, work or peace of mind.

Black Hills Urgent Care makes getting a physical exam fast and easy. Whether you’d like to come in before work, after school, during a weekday or on weekends we make taking care of your health easy.

Annual/Basic Physicals

The physician will begin with a review of your family and personal medical history including your vaccination status. During this time we encourage you to share any complaints or concerns. The doctor will then ask you about important lifestyle behaviors like smoking, alcohol use, sexual health, diet, and exercise. Following the review of your history and lifestyle habits the doctor will then check your vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, general appearance (speech, memory and mental quickness, skin appearance, etc.), exams of the heart, lung exam, head and neck, abdomen, and legs and arms.

For males, your physical will also include the following exams—testicular exam, hernia, and prostrate.

For women, your physical will also include breast and pelvic exams.

If needed, the physician may recommend lab tests such as complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis, and lipid panel (cholesterol test).

DOT Physicals

BHUC offers DOT physicals for CDL holders for $100. For a full description of DOT physicals visit:

A DOT physical exam has many different components including the below:

Vitals Testing and Physical Examination

Testing includes pulse, height, weight, and blood pressure. The FMCSA also requires urinalysis, which looks at the protein, blood, and sugar in a urine sample to rule out underlying medical problems. The examiner will evaluate general physical appearance for things such as obesity and other medical conditions, and then examine the various body systems, including skin, lungs, the neurological system, etc.

Medical History

During a DOT physical, the driver will need to provide extensive background on their medical history, including past surgeries, medications taken, and history of health conditions. It is important to be honest when providing health history as there could be repercussions later on if an accurate and complete health history is not provided

Vision Testing

In addition to more general testing, the FMSCA requires vision testing to ensure drivers are meeting the standard of at least 20/40 vision acuity in each eye with or without correction (glasses or contacts).

Drug Screen

Although it is not part of the DOT physical exam, the DOT also requires a drug screen which can usually be completed at the same time as the physical examination.

In general, the DOT physical will take approximately 45 minutes, so be sure to plan accordingly. Before arriving for a DOT physical, it is important to gather the necessary information and documents to bring:

Additionally, if the driver has any pre-existing conditions that require additional paperwork, they should bring the necessary documentation . Examples of additional documentation include a copy of a stress test or echocardiogram for those with a Coronary Disease or completed medical exemptions for vision, hearing, or seizure disorders.

School/Sport Physicals

No matter which sport your teen plays—soccer, football, baseball, track, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, or martial arts—there’s always a chance of getting hurt. That’s why school and teams often require a physical so they know they are in good enough shape to play.

Sport injuries can vary from sprained ankles and strains, to more serious conditions like heat stroke or exercise-induced asthma (wheezing, coughing, and the feeling out of breath) or even allergic reactions to bees and other insects found around outdoor fields.

If everything checks out, the doctor will give the OK to play without any restrictions and will sign off on all required medical forms. If there are areas of concern, the physician may recommend playing with modifications like using special protective equipment, carrying an epinephrine auto injector for insect allergies, or using an inhaler.

We offer two athletic physicals.

Tier 1 includes an extensive review of your health history, followed by a physical exam which includes:

  • Right and left brachial blood pressures
  • Right and left femoral pulse checks
  • 2 position cardiac (heart) exam listening for murmurs associated w/ heart disease
  • Neck/Back/Spine exam testing for range of motion and evaluation for scoliosis
  • Neurological exam for balance and coordination
  • Musculoskeletal exam for range of motion and muscle strength
  • Assessment of Physical Maturation (Tanner scale)
  • Testicular/hernia exam for males
  • Evaluation for evidence of Marfans syndrome (genenic disorder associated w/cardiovascular ds)
  • Head, neck, lung, abdomen, skin evaluation

Tier 2 includes all of the above plus an EKG w/read by Cardiologist.

A Physical Evaluation Patient History form may be filled out prior to your visit. Download the form, fill it out on your computer, print, and bring with you to our office.

South Dakota Sports Physical Form

Wyoming Sports Physical Form

Employment Physicals

From pre-employment to general employee health exams, we’re your place for quick, cost-effective physicals. We offer on-site exams, testing, general medical treatment, as well as any health care needs that arise while on the job. We also offer comprehensive DOT physicals to help certify you and get you back on the road and back to work.